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On Readercon

  • Jul. 30th, 2012 at 1:21 PM

No need for me to rehash what has been rehashed countless times already.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, Google "Readercon controversy."  That should do the trick.  Anyway, I haven't been there in two years, which has bummed me out the last two years, because it's always been one of my favorite cons.


Sigh.  There is a petition that is trying to address what happened.  I signed it.  You should sign it too.  I took no pleasure in signing it, because first of all, you wish that it had never come to this.  Also, signing it means not going to Readercon for the foreseeable future (assuming this mess isn't fixed.)  It's hard to cut ourselves off from things we like.  But attending Readercon now feels like condoning the Board's decision, not to mention future behavior of the kind that created this whole problem.  On top of this, when so many of my friends and acquaintances in the field no longer feel like this is a safe environment--people who in some cases I have known for years upon years--I can't in good conscience ignore that.

So no soup for me.  Come back one year?  I sure hope so, but we'll see how the Board responds ... 

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