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Oz Reimagined: Promotional Deal

  • Feb. 11th, 2015 at 10:45 AM is running a new promotion, and Oz Reimagined is part of it.  Until March 11th, you can purchase a Kindle edition of the Oz Reimagined anthology for just $1.99.

Space and Time Issue 122

  • Jan. 21st, 2015 at 10:28 PM

Yesterday I received my contributor copies for Space and Time Magazine # 122, which includes my short story, "The True Song."  Being as this magazine is over forty years old, I'm proud to be a part of its tradition.  You can purchase an e-copy of this issue over at Weightless Books if you're so inclined. You can also view the complete ToC over at the magazine's website.

Welcome to part 103 in my comprehensive retrospective of Realms of Fantasy, the final installment in this series.  In previous editions, I would share some thoughts on the fiction in each issue, along with the accompanying departments.  However, there are no more individual issues to discuss.  Installment 102 in this series covered the October 2011 issue, which was the final issue in RoF’s publishing history.  Even so, this series calls for one last installment to boil down this vast overview, to, as the title states, put the retrospective in perspective, not to mention the magazine itself.  As such, the format for this final installment will be somewhat different from previous editions.

So let’s jump in, shall we?  Be warned in advance that this final retrospective is LOOOOONG.  It's so long that LiveJoural can't handle the entire retrospective in one entry.  So here's Part I.  Part II will follow shortly.  There are some statements with asterisks scattered throughout both parts.  All of those can be found at the end of Part II.  Sorry, I'm copying and pasting everything from another file and don't feel like moving these statements around.  Them's the breaks!

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Realms of Fantasy: October 2011 (Issue 102)

  • Dec. 19th, 2014 at 7:31 PM

ROF October

Part 102 in my comprehensive retrospective as I read the fiction in Realms of Fantasy and offer my thoughts, right up to the final issue.  This time around I’ll be discussing the October 2011 issue, which is indeed the final issue in the magazine’s run.

I covered most of the relevant details surrounding the magazine’s closure in the previous retrospective.  What I’ll add is that Shawna and I both wrote some farewell editorials that were posted on the magazine’s website alongside the publisher’s cancelation notice.  There was also a ring of finality to this closure that the previous two hadn’t had.  Perhaps it was because we accomplished so much in our final year of publication—a Nebula Award, a Nebula nomination, publishing a cover that won Spectrum’s Editorial Silver Award, publishing our first themed issue, followed by our hundredth issue, and our fiction editor being honored at the World Fantasy Convention as the Editorial Guest of Honor.  I can’t say that we went out on our terms, especially when we had so much more planned for future issues, but I can say that creatively we went out strong.  I’d like to think this knowledge made the closure a little easier for both Shawna and myself. 

And while we were disappointed to see the magazine reach its end, I have a feeling that had someone else stepped in to save RoF yet again, Shawna and/or I would have passed on returning a third time.  Three sets of publishers and three closures in less than two years can be kind of exhausting.  Enough was enough.  For a brief time there was discussion among the publishers of possibly taking the remaining materials we had in inventory and publishing them as some sort of of .pdf, but this never came to pass.  And so RoF passed into magazine history, though we did enough in our time that we’ll be leaving our mark on the speculative field for years to come.  And with this said, let’s dive into the final issue.

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Realms of Fantasy: August 2011 (Issue 101)

  • Dec. 15th, 2014 at 9:36 PM

RoF August

Part 101 in my comprehensive retrospective as I read the fiction in Realms of Fantasy and offer my thoughts, right up to the final issue. This time around I’ll be discussing the August 2011 edition, which is the penultimate issue of the magazine.

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Oz Reimagined: December Big Deal

  • Dec. 5th, 2014 at 12:58 PM

The Kindle singles in the Oz Reimagined anthology have been selected for's December Big Deal.  From today until December 21st, you can purchase any individual story for just $0.99

Realms of Fantasy: June 2011 (Issue 100)

  • Oct. 19th, 2014 at 3:14 PM

ROF 100

Part one hundred in my comprehensive retrospective as I read the fiction in Realms of Fantasy and offer my thoughts, right up to the final issue.  This time around I’m tackling the milestone June 2011 issue.

A hundred issues is an achievement not too many magazines in our genre achieve, especially when when the magazine puts out new issues on a bimonthly basis.  Given that the magazine was canceled twice before we reached this point under our final publisher, Damnation Books, more than once it looked like we would fall short of this important milestone in the magazine’s history.  Happily it worked out otherwise, and while we didn’t get to do every last thing we would have liked for this issue, we still included quite a number of special features to celebrate the occasion.

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Upcoming Appearances

  • Oct. 5th, 2014 at 10:56 AM

On Monday, October 6th I'll be at the SFWA Reception in Manhattan.  On Saturday, October 11th I'll be at New York Comic Con in the Jacob Javits Center, also in Manhattan.  At 5:00 p.m. I'll be at the 47North booth, signing copies of Oz Reimagined.  Hope to see some of you at these events! 

Oz Reimagined: Summer SciFi Deal: Last Day

  • Aug. 9th, 2014 at 4:54 PM

Today is the last day of the Summer SciFi Deal for the Oz Reimagined anthology--just $1.99 for your Kindle.  Take advantage of it while you still can!


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