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Fantastic Stories of the Imagination now has a website.  Further details can be found on Warren Lapine's LJ entry.  There are a number of ways to read the stories for free or on the very cheap, so you might want to check this out.

The first review has popped up for Fantastic Stories of the Imagination, and I'm happy to say that my story and the anthology as a whole have both been very well received.   Every story is reviewed, so this will also give you an idea of the anthology's overall flavor.  Here is the money line for the review of my story: "I must confess to never having read Alice in Wonderland and now I think that if I do I will find it dull by comparison with this romp through a most unusual Wonderland."

Woot!  I couldn't ask for a kinder review, but I do want to offer one slight correction.  The reviewer notes that Trent Zelazny's story is the first one that takes place in third person.  Trent's story appears right mine in the anthology, and my story is most definitely in third person.  A harmless enough mistake, but since this observation impacts my story and I'm not taking issue with any of the reviewer's opinions, I think it's fine to make note of this. 


So if you're interested in reviewing Warren Lapine's forthcoming anthology, Fantastic Stories of the Imagination (which would also give you an excuse to read my contribution to this anthology, "Steaming into Wonderland," an Alice in Wonderland/steampunk mash-up) now is your chance.  You can find the details on Warren's blog.

Warren Lapine has posted the cover and the TOC for his forthcoming Fantastic Stories of the Imagination anthology.  My own contribution falls between the works of Shariann Lewitt and Mary A. Turzillo.  This will be the first time my work is appearing in an anthology.  Doug=pleased.  I'm looking forward to reading the works of my fellow contributors.   

Warren Lapine has posted the introduction to his forthcoming Fantastic Stories of the Imagination anthology.  My story, "Steaming into Wonderland," is one of those steampunk stories he refers to.  Like Warren, I'm not really a fan of the sub-genre, so I suppose it's appropriate that an editor who doesn't like steampunk bought a story from a writer who doesn't like steampunk.

As to why I would write a steampunk story if I don't like the sub-genre idea took hold, and I decided it was an idea worth writing about.  It was a wise decision, not just because I sold this piece, but also because I enjoyed writing the story.  Had I worried about trying to make the story feel like steampunk as I understood the sub-genre, I doubt I would've enjoyed writing it, and for all I know that might have hurt the creative process enough that I might not have sold it.  Instead, I just wrote the story as I saw fit.  In the end, I'm confident that what I came up with is readily recognizable as steampunk.  It's just Steampunk ala Doug. ;)

I should add for the benefit of any steampunk fans reading these words that I have nothing personal against the sub-genre.  I love the idea of steampunk, but in most cases its execution fails to engages me.  There are exceptions, of course--I plucked a steampunk story from the slush that ended up getting published in RoF, and I've read other steampunk stories here and there that I've enjoyed.  But usually I don't enjoy such stories.  Suffice it to say that as a reader, it's just not my thing overall.  As a writer though, I don't mind it so much, because I can tackle the sub-genre in a way that engages me.  In fact, the YA novel I'm working on right now is steampunk, and I'm more than halfway done with the first draft ...I came up with the idea for it while writing the last page of "Steaming into Wonderland." :)  At my current pace, I hope to have a first draft done before May.  As with the shorter work, I'm not worrying so much about conventions of the sub-genre.  I'm just writing in a way to keep the story interesting to me, and hopefully my potential readers.  And hopefully the end result is the same as "Steaming into Wonderland" and the novel finds a good home, but for now I''ll just worry about getting to type THE END.  Then I can start pulling my hair out with revisions.         

Fantastic Stories: The Contributor List

  • Jan. 14th, 2012 at 2:05 AM

Warren Lapine has announced that his Fantastic Stories of the Imagination anthology is full, but that he's already reading for the second one.  He's posted the full contributor list, which yours truly is a part of.  

Over on his Livejournal account, Warren Lapine has posted an update on Fantastic Stories of the Imagination.  He has also provided the names of the contributors he has lined up to this point.  Among other luminaries, it seems I will be sharing a TOC with Harlan Ellison.  

There is saying that goes thusly: act like you've been there before.  But you know what?  Nah!  This is pretty fucking cool.  I'll go ahead and assume Harlan will be opening up the anthology, because he's Harlan freaking Ellison.  I'll also cross my fingers that my story doesn't appear immediately after his, because he's a damn tough act to follow!  Either way, the awesome factor of sharing a TOC with one of the field's living legends is through the roof.    


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