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Two for Two ...Sort of, but not Quite

  • Apr. 24th, 2011 at 10:32 PM

So this was my original prediction for how episode two of GoT would end.  And this was my revised prediction.  The first one turned out to be right, though Bran didn't use that line (though I gave myself the wiggle room of saying "probably" here).  Of course, the way they handled Bran's awakening deviates from the book (and the book handles it better), though I didn't have a problem with this as there is a suggestion of the mystical when he awakens at the exact moment Lady dies.

Lady's death was my revised prediction for how the second episode would end, which means I came pretty damn close, since Bran's awakening takes place in the final quick scene after that.  And with this said, I'm going to give myself a mulligan for this week on the prediction front.  First, as I already noted, they tied Bran's awakening is a bit of a deviation in its execution.  Second, the first episode had an opening scene before going into the opening credits.  As I noted in my revised prediction, I figured they could have made Bran wake up in the opening scene of the third episode.  Had I known they're now doing away with the opening scenes, I would have stuck with my original prediction of Bran waking up at the end of the episode, because sticking this at the end of the episode becomes the only place this could work, and the end of episode two is too late.

Of course, now that I know how the writers are handling things going forward, I'm out of mulligans.  So I'll put forth a guess for week three at some point this week, and I'll keep guessing as long as I get them right.

As to the episode itself ...

Overall I enjoyed it, but I thought the first episode was stronger.  The scene with the assassination attempt on Bran felt somewhat rushed.  I would've liked for them to take their time with that a little more, particularly the aftermath.  I've already noted that Bran's awakening was something of a deviation.  The three-eyed crow in the book is pretty awesome, so I'd imagine the writers felt they couldn't integrate something so powerfully fantastical smoothly enough early on, and opted instead for tying Bran's awakening to Lady's death.  It works, but it loses something in the bargain.  I hope they introduce the three-eyed crow later on, perhaps in season two.  It would be a real shame to cut that element out entirely, since that is tied to Bran ultimately opening his third eye.

The first episode was about introducing the core characters (though more important characters are certainly in the wings) and laying the groundwork.   This episode seemed to be about setting the various pieces along their way.  John and Tyrion have reached the Wall, Ned and his daughter and the king's court are heading toward King's Landing, Catelyn is about to do the same, and Bran has woken up, allowing him to begin his own journey.  And across the Narrow Sea, Dany is beginning her inner journey from going from a frightened girl to a confident khaleesi.
A number of scenes were created out of summary in Martin's book that happens off the page, but it struck me as necessary to have the visual story make sense, and overall this held fairly true to the original storyline, which I pretty much expected after the first episode.  So overall my biggest complaint was I thought the assassination scene was somewhat rushed.  Otherwise a pretty good second episode.  Another episode or two and the story is really going to be cranking along, and boy oh boy, that should be interesting.  Can't wait!    




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