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Submission Reminder

Hey Folks,

This is the monthly reminder about our Halloween issue for 2009.  Since we're now into 2009, I now have a better idea as to when is the deadline for sending us submissions for the Halloween issue.  Right now, you may consider the deadline the middle of April.  When we get closer, I'll post more exact information.  The rest of announcement is basically the same for those who have read it before (though having some sort of deadline makes the announcement noticeably shorter!)         

Shawna asked me to post about this on my blog.  Feel free to link to and point interested parties to this post for all the essential details.

Realms of Fantasy plans on running a Halloween issue for our December 2009 issue (meaning it will hit the stands in October 2009).  The story doesn't have to be about Halloween.  It can deal with ghosts, vampires, witches, things that go bump in the night get the idea.  If you have something you think is a good fit for the issue, please send it.  As with any story being considered for any issue of ROF, we're interested in nothing but your best work.       

Overall, we need 7 stories for the issue, so you can expect competition to be fierce.  Currently, just one of these slots has been filled, so we still need 6 more stories.  Shawna and I need to get the lucky winners over to the publishers by June 2009.  Right now, the deadline to send us stories is mid-April.  I promise to post an exact date when the deadline draws closer. 

Please send your stories to the usual mailing address.  Please label your mailing envelope "HALLOWEEN SUBMISSION" somewhere I can't miss.  Authors normally passed along directly to Shawna will be given the usual consideration.

All right.  I think that covers everything.  If anyone has any questions I haven't answered, please feel free to ask me under the comments thread (and please check the comments and tab threads before asking a question I may have already answered!) 

Now get to writing!                       

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