Douglas Cohen (douglascohen) wrote,
Douglas Cohen

ROF Fiction: Submissions Update

Hi Guys,

I wanted to update everyone regarding the submissions situation.  Basically, we won't be reopening to fiction submissions for a while.  The reason is simple: now that we've had a chance to confer about this we've determined that we're overstocked.  Right now, this is the one area of RoF where we have an abundance of materials.  The last issue of RoF was published in February and contained just four stories.  The next issue won't be published until July.  So as everything relates to the fiction, this has put a monkey wrench in the machine.  I'm all about being proactive to fix stuff or make it better with the magazine, but nothing can fix this but time.  Sorry about that.  Now far be it from me to encourage you to submit your stuff elsewhere first, but if you've been holding onto something in the hopes of submitting to us in the near future,  I wanted to let you know you're in for a wait.  As to when we will be reopening, I can't give you a date right now.  Suffice it to say it won't be for at least a couple of months.

Now I know there are some writers out there whose stories got stuck in limbo when Sovereign pulled the plug back in January.  I have some stories I need to pass along to Shawna and Shawna has some stuff that was submitted to the P.O. Box before RoF was canceled.  First, I'd like to thank you guys for your patience to this point.  Now I want to assure you that you haven't been forgotten.  And your stories are still going to be considered for the magazine, so you haven't been waiting for nothing.  Shawna and I hope to figure out in the next few days how we'll be handling these tales of limbo.  Until then, hang tight.  Thanks.   
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