Douglas Cohen (douglascohen) wrote,
Douglas Cohen

Fantastic Books: Acquisition

So I'm happy to announce that I've made my first acquisition as an editor for Fantastic Books.  The book in question is Animythical Tales, a short story collection by Sarah Totton, featuring tales of high fantasy, dark fantasy, and magic realism.  It features stories (and forthcoming stories) from venues such as Realms of Fantasy, Black Static, Fantasy Magazine, Writers of the Future, and Polyphony.

I've known Sarah for a number of years now and have worked very well with her on past projects.  I've always been very impressed with her professionalism and her talents, so when she approached me about publishing a collection of hers, my interest was instant.  Thankfully everything worked out for both sides, so the two of us get to work together once more. So in addition to everything else I'm juggling, I'm going to get my editorial notes to Sarah at some point this coming week.  Not that I'm complaining. :) 

More news as it becomes available. 
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