April 8th, 2006

Soul of a Poet?

So what should I happen to come across today, but a poem I wrote in 6th grade. Why do I still have this? Because it was written for the Reflections Project that year, and I happened to take first place (beat out Jill Krakowski & Jen Schwarze, and I'll admit for the first time ever that I thought both of them had better poems). This marked the first time I ever received any sort of prize for my writing, even if I do seem to have lost my First Place ribbon. The topic (the Reflections Project always assigned topics): Where Does the Sky End?

Where the sky ends no one knows. It's covered by the clouds in rows and rows.

If you tried to touch the top of the sky, you'd never make it . . .I dare you, just try!

Some people think it's high; some don't even know. It's like saying, "Where's the end of the rainbow?"

Well if nobody knows what is wrong and what is true, how are we supposed to know what is beyond that blue?

There's one more thing you must learn to comprehend . . .nobody truly knows where the sky ends.

Man, oh man. If this took first prize, there was a serious dearth of talent in my elementary school. I mean sci-fi geeks would and should tear this poem apart in two seconds. We know where the sky ends . . .essentially it's where the atmosphere stops. As to rows of clouds, bah! Creative license used to poor effect. "Some people think it's high." What the hell does that even mean? Some? SOME??! What do the rest of these idiots think? "some don't even know." And I thought the first half of this sentence is idiotic? What's up with the rest of these people? Are they on an LSD trip? "Where's the end of the rainbow?" is probably the best line in this poem. It kind of taps into the same idea as asking where the sky ends . . .in theory. The following line would be okay if the logic concerning the last few lines made any sense whatsoever. As to the last line, I'll give my sixth grade self points for "comprehend" & "ends," but again, we have that whole logic thing to consider.

This is a form rejection of the first caliber. If I had any smarts whatsoever, I would've been focusing my energies on making raps, like the one in Raptacular. If I stuck with it, I'd now be bigger than Eminem. :)