April 10th, 2006

Friend Lost

Well, I've lost my first friend on LJ. I checked my personal info page today, and found that I had dropped from 56 friends to 55. Is this the part where the self-doubt sets in? Do I start questioning myself, wondering where I went wrong, brainstorming over how to be more entertaining/engaging/thoughtful?

Nah! Guess I just roll with the punches. But still . . .

Prison Break & Voting

So besides my Sunday night cartoons (and sports, which is another whole, separate animal), the only show I watch regularly is Prison Break. Just caught the latest and episode, and it was really great stuff. I've missed a few episodes, but all the ones I've seen I've enjoyed. For those of you who haven't seen it, here's the basic premise:

Lincoln Scofield, a fairly good guy who has spent too much time on the wrong side of the law, is framed for killing the vice president's brother. He's found guilty, is sent to prison, and is sentenced to the death penalty. It is up to his brother, Michael, to break him out in time. Along with some allies on the outside, he must also uncover the truth behind this conspiracy, which reaches to highest levels of the government. So Michael stages a bank robbery and is sentenced to the same prison as his brother, just as he planned. But why can Michael break his brother out when no one else can? Because he's the architect that designed this state-of-the-art penitentiary. And as to blue prints, they've been carefully hidden in the elaborate tattoos that now cover his body. The pacing and plotting whip along, there's constant tension, and it's a fairly interesting ensemble of characters.

So far the show has drawn a loyal following, which is cool. My only fear is that FOX will end up doing with this show what they did with 24. Here you had this great idea that was a lot of fun to watch . . .until they put the same character in 24 hour situations year after year . . .after year. I mean, come on. How many adventures can Keifer Sutherland actually be in that take exactly 24 hours and are always wrapped up in a neat little packagage at the end of the day? But that would be so FOX, to have five years of Prison Break, each escape more--ahem--spectacular and thrilling than the year before.

Let us pray this isn't the case.

In other news, Rick Bowes, one of the members of my critique group, wrote "There's a Hole in the City" a while back for scifi.com. The story in question recently made it to this prestigious online story short list:


No, I've never heard of them either.

But it doesn't mean we shouldn't help him win. Come on speculative geeks, powers unite! (Can't you just hear the Wonder Twins from Superfriends telling their powers to activate?) Follow the link below to cast your vote and help the quest for world domination continue.

Seriously, though, links are provided to lead you to the stories, so you can make an informed choice. Of course, if you want to vote for Rick for the hell of it, I won't stop you. ;)

Slushmaster, signing off.