April 12th, 2006

Adventures in Slushing

I do my slush transfers with Shawna in NYC. By "slush transfers," I am referring to when Shawna and I meet up, and I pass along the automatic passes & slush survivors from the previous batch, and Shawna passes along the fresh victims--ahem, potentials--that comprise the latest batch. Seems simple enough, right?

Wrong. These have become some very haphazard missions for me. Once, while on the way to meet Shawna, I was rear-ended on the Long Island Expressway (no one was hurt and I was paid for the damages). With a dragging muffler, I finished the ride into NYC, made the transfer, bought some wire at a nearby hardware store, tied up the muffler so it wouldn't drag, and drove home. Another time I reached our meeting spot before Shawna did. I had no change for the meter, so the first thing I did was run across the street and break a dollar. And what I should I see when I come outside but a freakin' meter maid writing me a ticket. It was the first ticket I've ever received. Grrr(I found out later that after I left, Shawna received a ticket too). And today, after the slush transfer, I had to pull over in NYC because of a stupid flat tire. I swear, it's always something. I hope you people appreciate the perils I put myself in on behalf of your stories. ;)

Anyway, I had mentioned in a previous post that I would report on my LJ when I did my slush transfers. This was the smallest full batch I've ever encountered, weighing in at 175 pieces, with postmarks ranging from 2/28-4/10. Let this meager submission # (not that I'm complaining--just makes my job easier) illustrate that the #'s posted in my first ever post were indeed estimates. As I said, we normally receive somewhere between 200-250 submissions. When I did those #'s, I maxed out, saying that each month we received 250 pieces. Clearly this isn't the case. So keep that in mind . . .but also keep in mind that it's still hard to publish with us, smaller submissions totals or not. Good luck to everyone.