April 23rd, 2006

Star Trek: How the Mighty Have Fallen

I used to watch Star Trek. I used to enjoy it. Classic Trek was good for corny laughs. Next Generation & DS9 were fun to watch, improbable science aside. Even Voyager had its moments (but only those). Then along came Enterprise. And Star trek movies like Nemesis. Shudder and double shudder. When UPN pulled the plug on Enterprise, I was glad. That was one show that needed to be swept under the rug like a dirty secret. When they stopped making movies, I was disappointed. True, the last couple were terrible, but movies are stand-alone pieces. The next one can always be great. Right?

Wrong. I happened to be perusing scifi.com today, and came across an article talking about the next Star Trek movie, aiming for a 2008 release. And according to the article, it's going to focus on the early days of Kirk & Spock, when they first met at the Academy.

This could work . . .if it had been made 25 years ago, when lights and make-up could fool us. I love Spock & Kirk, but those dudes are old! And you can't stick other actors into those roles. William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy are borderline icons. The hardcore Star Trek fans would have coronaries.

Think of the hardcore Star Trek fans! Have pity on them! This is all they have left, besides the novels from Pocket.

The only way this movie would work is if you see Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin watching it on TV. Then it would actually be pretty good. Shakes head. How the mighty have fallen.