April 28th, 2006

Slush Survivor Art

Today I received an email from Ken Scholes, one of my slush survivors, author of "Of Metal Men, Scarlet Thread and Dancing With the Sunrise." Ken was doing some innocent web surfing, and stumbled upon the art for his forthcoming story with RoF. He was absolutely blown away, and he emailed the link over to me for a look. Now I'm showing it the world. Have a look at why the author is so thrilled: http://www.pen-paper.net/artgallery/AllenDouglas/Of+Metal+Men_010+LR10h.jpg.html

Slush Survivor Sale . . .Almost

So almost a year ago I picked a piece out of the slush, a dark fairy tale by my good friend, Alethea Kontis, called "Blood and Water." Shawna passed on this piece, alas. Not to be daunted, Alethea sent us another fairy tale, "Sunday," several months ago. By this time she had accumulated enough credits to warrant the sacred automatic pass. I would've passed along the story anyway, because it was slush worthy (note the subtle Seinfeld reference). Well, I've just learned today that Alethea has sold "Sunday" to RoF. All I have to say is . . .

Damn you, girl! Why did you have to go and become an automatic pass? You robbed me of a slush survivor! I was grooming you. You were going to be my tenth slush story bought. That's 10, the big 1 0! Double digits! Now you pulled the rug out from under my feet. The slushmaster feels betrayed.

Actually the slushmaster is absolutely thrilled. If you want to learn more about this incredibly talented writer, feel free to visit her blog: http://aletheakontis.com/blog/

Damn you, Lee!