April 29th, 2006

You Never Know Who's Reading This

Not two minutes ago, I just learned that Shawna reads my blog. Shawna. My blog. I'm flattered. As I wrote back to her, "I didn't even bother to mention my blog to you, because I didn't think you'd be interested in it."

Man, blogging is weird. Hi, Shawna! :)

Damn the Draft!

Today is day 1 of Draft Day in the NFL, that glorious two-day period that happens during that seven month black hole without professional football. I'm a huge NY Giants fan, and they looked all set up to land the top wide receiver with their first round draft pick. Instead, they traded the pick away, moving a few slots down in exchange for more draft picks in the later rounds. The wide receiver went to the team they traded their pick to. "Okay," I said to my pal (a dirty Jets fan), but now they've got some extra picks and they only moved down a few slots. They can still pick up a really good wide receiver. It's a good move."

But did the Giants do this? No. Instead they wasted their pick on a defensive end. The Giants have Michael Strahan (my favorite player) at one end, a future Hall of Famer. They have Osi Umenyora (sp?) at the other end. Both of these guys went to the Pro Bowl last year. They led the league in combined sacks by starting defensive ends. They have Michael Tucker on the bench, a young and upcoming defensive end that should be able to step in when Strahan retires (hopefully not for a few years). Of every position on their team, defensive end was the one the Giants needed to worry about the least. I am so pissed! Now I know how Jet fans feel almost every single year of the draft (although they actually had a good draft this year).

Damn it!
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