May 3rd, 2006

Rejection (the Good Kind)

So it seems my epiphany from the other day to put that flash horror piece in second person was a good idea. Just received a really nice rejection from Michael Kelly at Chizine, along with an invitation to submit again. If only they published longer works. Sigh. But it's still nice to get those invites. Lets you know that you're improving/display talent. Also gives you a feel for which editors "get" your stuff. And going by SFWA standards, this is the 2nd professional market that has exteneded me such an invitation. So that's cool. The first market was Interzone, and my next sub to them went on to get accepted.

Man, I REALLY wish that I wrote more horror, and that I wrote short! If I did, I'd send Kelly something else in a hot minute. At least the outlook for the flash piece in question seems promising.