May 16th, 2006

Mission Impossible 3

So I saw it tonight while on a date. Can't say that I cared for the date. She talked during the movie, which I hate (although until now I thought this amount of yakkety-yak during the flic only happened on TV). Halfway through the movie, she whispered to me, "Oh you don't talk much during movies, do you?" Since I knew this was a go-nowhere date, I whispered back, "No. I tend to watch them." I was being snotty, and she laughed. Go figure. And of course she kept talking. As to the movie itself . . .

Didn't care for this too much either. I didn't expect to like it, mind you. I didn't like the first one, and I only went to this movie because of said date. The acting felt really hollow, and the occasional unforseen plot twist wasn't enough to keep my interest. The exception in terms of the acting would be Philip Seymour Hoffman, as I thought he did a great job as the villain. Some of the special effects were cool too, especially the way they made the mask, but these days it takes more than special effects to reel me in. I've felt this way for some years, and the last straw had to be with the Matrix II & III. The movie would also have benefitted by being trimmed down by at least twenty minutes. As to the ending, it was as about as Hollywood as you can get. So the summer blockbusters are now 0 for 1 with me. Next up, X-Men 3, which I have much higher hopes for and actually want to see. And if I go to this one on a date, I'll first have to make sure she's not a talker. ;)