May 28th, 2006

War of the Worlds

So I finally found a chance to watch The War of the Worlds movie today. I had actually tried reading the book in anticipation of the movie many moons ago, but H.G. Wells just isn't my thing. Too dry, too boring. So I think I made it through half the book before I put it aside. This probably explains why I never saw the movie in the theaters.

As to the movie itself, in terms of making it more accessible to the viewing public it was probably a good idea of setting the movie in the 21st century. It allowed Spielberg to insert more special effects, which is what everyone expects with these types of summer blockbusters.

But overall the movie felt fairly ordinary. Another standard Tom Cruise performance, and it became rather annoying listening to Dakota Fanning scream every five minutes. It came as no surprise that Cruise's son was still alive at the end--Hollywood wouldn't have it any other way. The aliens and their machines were pretty cool, and I think Tim Robbins gave a stellar performance as a crazy man. But this was not nearly enough to make enjoy the movie. It just came off as another cheesy sf movie. All fluff, no substance. Makes me quite glad I didn't shell out $9.00 to see this in the theater.