June 8th, 2006

Latest RoF Sales

Hey Kids,

Here are the latest stories Shawna plans to buy for the magazine:

--"Circus, Circus" by Eric Witchey

--"Syren" by Graham Edwards

--"Three Wishes" by Bruce Holland Rogers

So congrats to our latest contestants . . .and now my bummer news. The winners from the batch in question lack a slush survivor. Sigh. My streak is over. It was a good run, and Shawna actually liked 2 of the slush survivors I passed along (my two favorites from the slush), just not quite enough. So it goes. Guess I'll have to start a new streak. Of course, I take comfort in the fact that the latest issue has 3 slush survivors. I guess that's a mini-streak in itself: 3 issues in a row with a slush survivor. Anyway, stay tuned. More RoF news should be coming soon . . .