June 10th, 2006

Slush Update & Correction

Hey Kids,

I picked up the latest batch of slush today and just finished organizing. All told, there are 289 submissions, with postmarks ranging from 4/06/06-6/07/06. I would have picked up the slush sooner, but every time Shawna and I tried to arrange something, the weather gods put their feet firmly down.

I'd also like to make a slight correction regarding the latest issue of Realms: I had previously announced that there were three slush survivors in this issue. At the time, I was going on information available at our website. But I didn't actually get my hands on the latest issue until today. And it turns out there are FOUR slush survivors in this issue. Also included is E. Catherine Tobler's beautiful tale, "Indigo With Distance." For whatever reason, this story isn't mentioned on our site, but it's definitely in the magazine. So this means that two thirds of the stories in this issue come from the slush. Very cool for me. :) Those of you that want to get a better idea of my tastes in fantasy are advised to buy a copy. Here we have four slush stories, each of a different sub-genre: high fantasy, magic realism, science-fantasy, and superhero fiction. Good stuff, and props to the slush survivors.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone.