June 14th, 2006

Getting Out of the Damn Slush

So I was perusing the TTA Board, and Jetse de Vries, one of the assistant editors for Interzone, posted the following wonderful link to Charles Finlay's LJ: http://ccfinlay.livejournal.com/56645.html

There are some serious words of wisdom in what Kelly Link is saying here. A few of my posts in the past--namely "On Workshopping and the Rules" & "Stories: Separating the Good From the Great"--touch on these ideas, but Link sums it up far more eloquently than yours truly.

Basically, you have to break the mold with your stories. You can't write a perfectly good tale and expect it to get published with a top-tier magazine, because perfectly good ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH. You have to bring something more to the table. If someone brings a turkey you have to bring Thanksgiving dinner. And if you want to beat the person who brought Thanksgiving dinner, start a turkety farm. See what I'm saying? You have to up the ante. But read the link concerning Kelly's thoughts. Seriously. This is not a pun.