June 22nd, 2006

A Damn Fun Evening

So yesterday was fun. I went to the monthly KGB sf reading in a rather good mood because of some industry stuff I can't talk about yet, but hopefully will soon be able to. There I received my contributor copies and a check from Christopher Cevasco for my review in the latest issue of Paradox. I've been paid for my work in the industry before, but this marked the first time I was paid for my words. Interzone will be paying me for my story, but has yet to do so. I never imagined that my first scribe payment would be for a review. Go figure.

As to the reading itself, it featured two great talents. First up was Theodora Goss. Theordora is a tremendous talent in the fantasy genre, and has been in number of magazines and anthologies. Her first book, IN THE FOREST OF FORGETTING is now shipping. I was lucky enough to attend the Odyssey Writing Workshop with her, way back in 2000. This was the first time we see each other since the workshop ended, so it's been about six years. Despite her success, she hasn't changed at all. Same old Dora . . .yup. I get to call her Dora. ;) We talked as much as we could (really busy), getting caught up, and the good news is we'll get to do it again soon, because we're both going to Readercon in a few weeks.

After Dora came a reading from another talented author, Tobias Buckell. He also has published in a bunch of magazines and anthologies, and his first book, CRYSTAL RAIN, is out through Tor. I know Tobias through emails we've exchanged, and we spoke briefly in person some months ago. Tonight I had a chance to speak to him at length, and I've got to say, he's every bit as intelligent and friendly as Dora. Of course, the giveaway of his book after the reading did maul someone in the head, but it was done without malice and no one was hurt, so all was well.

After the reading we retired to the usual Chinese restaurant for some good eats, in what might have been record numbers. And I think I'm still digesting.

All in all a really fun evening, the kind that makes you remember why you love this industry so much.