June 25th, 2006

X-Men: Last Stand (Spoilers included!)

So I saw this one today. Sigh. What a flop. Poor directing. Poor writing. Poor casting. Special effects are supposed to make up for this? Don't think so. And I like important characters to die as much as the next guy. Hell, more than most. Bring on the slaughter. Buy X-Men has an established mythology. Be true to it. I understand that movies must take liberties, but they killed Cyclops & Professor X! Magneto lost his powers. And what the hell happened to Nightcrawler? I love the fact that they added new characters, but don't drop the ones. If you couldn't work something out with the actor, then explain the character's absence. Don't pretend like he never existed.

So. Summer movies are now 0 for 2. I've got a bad feeling about SUPERMAN, and may not even see it. Still have high hopes for A SCANNER DARKLY & PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN. And I saw a trailer for some new Jet Li movie that looks good, very much in the tradition of CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON & HERO, two movies I like a lot. Also saw a trailer for GHOST RIDER. Looks like it could be good, but I'm far from convinced (FYI, this one doesn't come out until Feb). So the summer movies aren't a complete bust yet, but they've got some work to do to win me back.