July 5th, 2006

RoF Interview

Hey Folks,

Usually I talk about my work at RoF in terms of the assistant editor gig. But this post pertains to my other job with RoF, the web editor gig. I recently conducted an author interview with Alex Archer for the RoF website. There is a typo or two in there, and I'm not sure if it was on my end or if happened when I passed it along, but they're easy enough to spot. One thing I would like to clarify is that when the author is talking about Jack London, it's not "he paid" about covering the earthquake, but he "was paid." Big difference. A couple of questions were asked at the direct reuest of the publisher, but most of them came from yours truly. Anyway, if you're curious to read an interview I'm actually getting paid for, feel free to follow the link: