July 26th, 2006

Talebones Saved!

Looks like the speculative community isn't as broke as we'd like to think, as I copied this from the Talebones website:

Our subscription drive has been a more-than-possibly-hoped for success! We have added over 125 subscriptions, 50 single-copy orders, and a variety of ad sales and donations. We raised over $4,500 in ONE WEEK! This guarantees Talebones arriving in your mailbox beyond 2007. To all who have contributed, a big heartfelt thank you. We wouldn't mind getting a nice cushion for 2008, so feel free to check us out and subscribe or order a sample to see what all the hub-bub is about.

$4500 in a week? Hot damn! Anyway, kudos to those of you who opened up your checkbooks and helped save Talebones. And . . .er . . .this blog is in danger of shutting down. Those who wish it to continue should send their checks to . . . :)