August 15th, 2006

Realms of Fantasy Reviewed

Hey Kids,

A review has gone up at Tangent Online for the latest issue for Realms of Fantasy:

Overall, the reviewer was fairly complimentary, especially to the stories of friends David Barr Kirtley & Alethea Kontis. My slush survivor Sarah Totton also got some serious props. Amanda Downum, my other slush survivor in this issue, deserves more praise than she got. I'm not in the habit of arguing with reviewers, but I can't say I'm thrilled when the reviewer makes a point while reviewing Amanda's story that all good stories revolve around well-drawn characters, which he feels Amanda lacks despite his praise of her style, but then in Sarah's story the reviewer goes on to rave about "the quirky narrative style that makes the story come alive."

But what happened to everything being about the characters? Just be consisistent in your criticisms as a reviewer, which for all her wrath against my editorial taste, Lois Tilton does. Regardless, IMO both of the stories in question are stylistically superior and feature entertaining characters. End of rant.