August 17th, 2006

KGB--Another Winner

So last night I went to the monthly sf reading at KGB. As always, good fun. There were two readers there, Bill Shunn from my critique group, a well-respected short story writer, and the prolific sf & fantasy writer, Elizabeth Bear (aka E-Bear). While there, I also met Amanda Downum, author of "Snake Charmer," one of the stories in the latest issue of RoF. This marked the first time I met one of my published slush survivors in person. She proved as cool as her story.

At dinner, I had the pleasure of sitting at the same table with both of them. E-Bear also proved very cool, with a personality both boisterous and charming. That said, too much time was spent discussing a story she's sending to F&SF involving tattooed penises (shudder). :) I pray that Gordon accepts it, because if not E-Bear has promised to send this doozie to RoF next, which means I'll have to read about this frightening ritual in who knows how much detail (cue second shudder). :)

Near the end of the night I confessed to her that if I had to choose I'd go with a piercing in this area instead. That would prove painful too, I'm sure, but my reasoning comes back to the band-aid theory, i.e. get it over with in one motion. But still . . .shudder. :)

Oh, and double congrats goes out to Bill Shunn, because in addition to his reading, he recently celebrated his birthday. Happy birthday, Bill!