September 3rd, 2006

Putting the Fantasy Back in Fantasy

I'd like to think I know something about the fantasy genre. I'd like to think that most of the people submitting to Realms of Fantasy, whether they are published or not, also know something about the fantasy genre. Therefore, it is a source of constant amazement and frustration how often during the course of my slushing I come across one particular element in people's stories that I find lacking in substance.

I speak of the fantasy element. And I'm not just referring to stories by unpublished authors. I've read stories by published authors--authors with credits the majority of fantasy writers will envy with enough green to rival Snow White's wicked stepmother--where the fantasy element is so poorly handled it boggles my mind. While it goes without saying, I feel I must say it anyway. The fantasy element in a fantasy story cannot be ignored or taken for granted (repeat this to yourself three times, as it shall prove the most important sentence in this long rant).

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