September 8th, 2006

This Just In!

I've just learned of another accepted slush survivor from the batch Shawna just polished off. So let's welcome Trent Hergenrader to the RoF family, after he successfully undertook some revisions to his short story, "Black Jack Davy." Congrats, Trent!

This also brings my total slush survivor count to 12, enough to fill two issues of RoF. Not bad for 14 months of work. :) Stay tuned for more RoF news soon . . .

They Keep Rolling In . . .

So I've just learned of another sale to RoF from our last batch (this was one hell of a batch!) Big congrats to Samantha Henderson for selling "Bottles," which marks her first sale to RoF.

Now allow me to take a moment to grumble. I couldn't be happier for Samantha. I've exchanged some emails with her and know her to be a wonderful person. But she was part of my secret cache of authors, and other under circumstances she would have been my thirteenth slush survivor.

Ah, but what is this cache I speak of? It's no big secret, except I've never really discussed it before. But there are certain authors I tend to keep my eye on. Either I reject them with a YFOP and remember their names (this doesn't apply to all YFOP authors!) or I pass something of theirs along to Shawna and even though she rejects them I know there's a good chance if such authors keeps submitting to us they have a solid shot at being accepted (and this doesn't apply to all authors passed along to Shawna, so there!) This scenario has occurred more than once: Scott William Carter, Sarah Totton, and Jon Hansen were three such authors I was watching out for, and Euan Harvey makes a fourth. So there was some precedent.

I've never told her this but Samantha was one of my ringers. I once passed a story of hers along to Shawna that I really liked. Shawna didn't buy it, but after that every time I came across something from Sam in my slush I sat up a little straighter, because I knew it was just a matter of time before she sent a story that clicked with Shawna.

Only another editor beat me to the punch with this story. One of the big wigs liked this tale enough to suggest she send it to Shawna, so the credit goes to [SECRET] instead of to me. Blast! This is twice the rug has been pulled out from under me in regards to one of my ringers. The other time was with Alethea Kontis for her story, "Sunday." I had a feeling about her work, but before I could discover "Sunday," between submissions she went and accumulated enough credits to become an automatic pass. That evil girl.

But so it goes. At least after this most recent batch I have a new ringer to replace the losses of Sam and Euan. And before anyone asks, no, I won't say who my ringers are. It might make the authors get swelled heads. I'd rather they focus on their writing than on my opinion.

Later all. And welcome to the RoF family, Sam!