September 9th, 2006

Barbara Campbell

So back in 2000 I attended the Odyssey Fantasy & Science Fiction Writing Workshop. While I was there one of my best buds was a very talented writer by the name of Barbara Campbell. A few years ago she sold her first novel to DAW, this being HEARTWOOD. Last month she released the sequel, BLOODSTONE. And today she held a release party, which I was happy to attend. It was the first time I've seen her in about six years, so it was great catching up with her, and also gabbing with some fellow Odysseans.

Barbara (or Babsy, as I call her) and I were only able to talk so much, because she was playing the part of social butterfly, but the good news is we're both probably attending PhilCon this year. When I told her the first beer is on me, her answer was "More like the first night of beers!"

Gotta love Babsy.

Check out her books:



And I've learned from a reliable source that the text of Book 2 is not the piece of genericon displayed on the cover.