September 11th, 2006

Add Another Con to the List

So after months of the Slush God asking me, "Are you going? Are you going?" and me answering "Maybe, maybe," I've finally told my slush peer that yes, I'll be attending this year's Fantastic Genres Conference in New Paltz, NY. It's being put together by John Langan, one of the teachers at New Paltz, and also a regular contributor to F&SF. It takes place October 6th-8th. Still waiting for my official schedule, but as I understand things I'll be doing some panels, a lecture with the Slush God to some of Langan's students, and possibly a reading as well, which would be my first one. Hope to see some of you there!

And with me going to this, PhilCon, and the SFWA Reception, I'm officially cutting myself off. No more cons or con-related events for 2006. Damn it, I have a novel to work on!