September 21st, 2006

KGB, the Party's Over, and Big News


So last night was the monthly speculative reading at at the KGB Bar in NYC.  This month's readers featured Delia Sherman and Ellen Kushner.  Both of them gave wonderful performances, and Ellen showed off a really nice voice as she sang the myriad songs that cropped up while reading her excerpt.  Afterward I went to dinner with the crowd to the usual Chinese food spot, and as per usual, the crowd grew imperceptibly bigger.  They were barely able to fit us all in at the restaurant this time.  While there, I learned that my friend, Chris Cevesco, publisher & editor of Paradox Magazine, is going to be a proud papa in February 2007.  Andrea Kail put it best when she said, "That's so adult."  Too adult for me.  Congrats, Chris!

It also seems my critique group, the 8th of February, is undergoing some radical changes.  Bill Shunn & Bob Howe, the founders of this wonderful group, are leaving.  I understand their reasons: lack of time & a multitude of projects are enough to overwhelm anyone.  They've done a wonderful job with this group, and I'm really appeciative that I had a chance to get to know these gents and to work with the group.  But when I learned that they're leaving, I took the opportunity to announce that I also would be leaving.  As I mentioned recently, I've shifted my focus to the novel, and while the critique group does help to an extent with novels, it's more geared toward critiquing shorter fiction.  So knowing that I wouldn't be contributing any new fiction to the group for a good long while, I thought it best to step aside while they undergo these changes.  Best to give my slot to someone that can contribute fresh fiction on a more regular basis.  I wish the whole group nothing but success, and I'm sure they'll achieve it, just as I'm sure I'll be bumping into most of them on a fairly regular basis.

And I must admit, there is another reason I'm leaving the group.  While I was already committed to working on my novel, after last night I now have another good reason to do this.  Cue drumroll:

Cue drumroll again:

I now have an agent!  Woo hoo!  With all the paperwork completed and in the appropriate hands, as of last night I am now represented by Jenny Rae Rappaport of the L. Perkins Agency.  Jenny will be representing me in my editorial endeavors as well as my authorial ones.  I've known Jenny for a while now (over a year, I think), and she was already represening me for an editorial project being shopped around, but this was more of a freelance arrangement.  During this time she read the story I have coming out in Interzone and she really liked it.  So when she made the shift to the L. Perkins Agency, once her affairs were settled, she gave me an e-poke and said, "I want to represent you."  And I said, "Um . . .yeah."  And here we are!  The L. Perkins Agency is a highly respected agency, and I'm thrilled to be with them.  I also love the fact that Jeanne Cavelos, my teacher at the Odyssey Workshop and one of my chief mentors, is represented by this same agency (different agent).

Normally this would be the part were I direct you all to the agency's website for a peek.  Alas, the website is temporarily down.  But until it's back up and running, Jenny has told me that her blog is functioning as the de facto website, so do feel free to check it out:

Anyway, that's it for now . . .and "it" was plenty!