October 11th, 2006


I received a lot of responses when I posted about LE MORTE D'ARTHUR, so I thought I'd update everyone about the latest tidbits concerning my research. LE MORTE is finished. Slow at points, tedious at others, but overall the story carries some wonderful resonance. Those of you familiar with LE MORTE know that Tristan's tale (or Tristram, as he's referred to in LE MORTE) is basically left unfinished, with only a brief summation of how the Tristan/Isolde/Mark triangle ultimately plays out. So currently I'm reading TRISTAN by Gottfried Von Strassburg in an effort to fill in the blanks/enhance my knowledge. This book also includes the Tristan of Thomas sections, written by one of Von Strassburg's predecessors. I'm about 115 pages into a 375 book, but the tale is considerably different. Not complaining though, as reading this tale has so far helped me fill in some of the blanks for my Tristan's history. The language is far more accessible in this too (even if it was written centuries earlier), but it lacks the flare of Mallory, thus making it a drier read. This version also isn't a part of Arthuriana. The original versions were independent of Arthur & co., although there is a brief reference to Arthur in here.

It's absolutely amazing how much research is required to write an Arthurian novel. The good news is that my schedule has settled down. No more cons or radio interviews or workshop appearances in the forseeable future. And no more Yankee baseball. I'm kicking butt on my slush. So hopefully I can take some serious chunks out of this book in the next days so that I can get to the next one.