October 31st, 2006


So another first has come my way regarding my slush survivors.  Sarah Totton, author of the funny fantasy short story, "A Fish Story," emailed me today, letting me know that Rich Horton has bought reprint rights to the story to run in the reprint anthology, Fantasy: Best of the Year from Prime Books.

I love this story, and I loved working with Sarah on the revision before we passed it up the editorial ladder.  I was thrilled when Shawna bought this piece for Realms, and now it seems this piece has found itself another excellent home.  HUGE congrats!  And I suppose this marks another editorial feather in my cap, so I must admit to being quite stoked myself. :)

Oh, and if any of my other slush survivors are reading this and should find their stories garnering similar accolades, please let me know.  I'd love to hear about them! 

Tell Him Doug Sent You

So today one of my best friends opened his own business . . .in the form of a comic store!  I spent a few hours there with some other members of our crew, hanging out and flipping through many a comic.  My friend is already in good with the neighboorhood kids, because in addition to giving out candy for Halloween he was also giving one free comic to every kid, featuring a story about whoever their favorite superhero was.  He also has a huge inventory of over two million comics, so he can pretty much get whatever you need.  Anyone reading this who happens to be a collector may want to check his place out.  Also, if you tell Jamel (my friend and owner of the store) that Doug sent you, anything you buy in the store is 5% off.

So to those of you who happen to live in the Long Island/NYC area, here are the details:

370 Hempstead Avenue
  West Hempstead, NY 11552

Go check it out!