November 16th, 2006

KGB & Philcon & SFWA Reception

I'm keeping this one brief because I'm busy taking care of a million things before I take off tomorrow.  Went to the monthly KGB reading last night.  Catherynne Valente was one of the readers, and she read a section from her recently released novel from Bantam Spectra, THE ORPHANS TALES.  I've said it before and I'll say it again when I tell you this girl is the real deal.  Go check out her work!

Lucius Shepard also read a section from a novella he has coming out with F&SF, and this too was very entertaining.  Spoke to Jim Freund about doing another spot on his speculative radio show, Hour of the Wolf, probably in March or April.  I'm so there.  Most of my usual crew was absent, but I did get to see Larry Taylor, a classmate of mine from my Odyssey 2000 class.  Haven't seen him in about two years, so it was nice catching up with him.

And I'll get to do it with him more at Philcon, because he's going . . .and so am I!  I'm leaving tomorrow morning and I'll be there through Sunday.  Hope to see some of you there.

Since I expect to be a zombie when I come home Sunday I'll also mention now that on Monday night I'll be at the annual SFWA Reception in NYC, aka the Mill n' Swill.  Hope to see some of there too, and I'll try to post a report about both experiences.