December 21st, 2006

Realms of Fantasy Reviewed

Ken Scholes was nice enough to send a link my way, pertaining to a summary review for Realms of Fantasy in 2006.  This one comes from Rich Horton, a regular reviewer for Locus & also the editor for his Best of the Year in Fantasy anthology from Prime Books.  He had some very nice things to say about the magazine, and he gave some nods to many of my slush survivors, including:

--"Of Metal Men and Scarlet Thread and Dancing With the Sunrise" by Ken Scholes
--"A Fish Story" by Sarah Totton
--"In the Lair of the Moonmen" by Jon Hansen
--"Snake Charmer" by Amanda Oestman
--Also the equivalent of an Honorable Mention for Scott William Carter, and since Scott's only published one story with us so far, Mr. Horton must be referring to the slush survivor tale, "The Grand Mal Reaper."

Congrats to all.  Feel free to read the whole article:

In other news, I went to monthly science fiction reading at KGB last night.  Had a good time, but I'm still trying to kick this cold (which I've officially awarded the prize of "Worst Cold Ever"), so I'm going to pass on going into the particulars this time around.

Happy holidays, everyone!