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ROF Nonfiction Department: New Column ...and One Columnist Needed!

So I'm happy to announce that RoF is going to be launching a new column within its pages.  If all goes as planned, starting with the June 2010 issue, RoF will be including a book column that will focus on reviewing paranormal romance, urban fantasy, romantic fantasy, and related areas of fantasy literature.  This is a large, important, and still growing area of fantasy literature, and Warren and I are in agreement that it deserves its own column.

Of course, any column is only as good as its columnist.  And being as we're launching this column, it means one good columnist is needed.  When I've needed new columnists in the past, I haven't went public like this in my search.  But in those cases the column was already in place, so it was somewhat easier to find the right columnist.  This time we're starting from scratch, so I've decided to open things up and let all interested parties know that we're seeking one paranormal romance book reviewer.

Realms of Fantasy is a bimonthly magazine, so you would be responsible for six columns a year.  The column itself will run 1000 words, and you will be asked to review a minimum of four books each column (so obviously we're seeking quick reviews of each book).  You will be paid for your work.  If you're interested, please don't respond on the blog.  Instead, please email me at  Please outline your interest in the genre and the position.  Be certain to mention any relevant experience.  Please enclose at least one review sample via attachment.  It is important that I read some of your writing, and that you demonstrate your ability to offer intelligent analysis of a work of literature in these sub-genres.

I will be going out of town on October 28th and won't be back until the early morning of November 3rd.  I don't anticipate making  a decision on the position until I get back but would like to do so soon after I do.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask under comments.

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