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ROF Announcement: New Folkroots Editor

Hello Everyone,

As we haven’t mentioned anything before, you might be unaware that our current issue of Realms of Fantasy marks the last one for our Folkroots Editors, Ari Berk & Kristen McDermott. We at RoF would like to thank them for all of their dedicated work on the magazine, and we wish them well in all of their present and future endeavors.

In the year-and-a-half I’ve been overseeing this magazine’s nonfiction, I’ve learned that change should be expected. Being a columnist for the magazine is not a full-time gig, and people have lives that extend beyond RoF. Often, even when they love their work, that life forces them to step down from their positions, sometimes quite reluctantly. And while having to find new columnists should be nothing new to me (if you’re real curious what I mean by this, take the time to flip through all of the issues since April 2009–the last one under Sovereign Media–and track the turnover/changes since that time), with Folkroots I found myself faced with a challenge none of the other nonfiction columns presented me.

Since Realms of Fantasy’s first issue, Folkroots has had its own editor that oversees this column. There are good reasons for this. Editing Folkroots requires a tremendous and detailed knowledge of the fantastical field on a broad range of topics. Terri Windling provided such knowledge when she founded this column and oversaw it for so many years. Ari & Kris continued what Terri started, so when they stepped down, I realized that this search would be somewhat different. And besides conducting a search for an editor this time, since Folkroots Editors have been known to write for this column as well, I would in fact also be searching for a potential columnist. In short, the right candidate needed a number of different skills at his or her disposal.

Well, I’m confident I’ve found this person, and I’m pleased to share with you that the new Folkroots Editor will be Theodora Goss. Fans of RoF may already be familiar with her name, as she’s published her fiction in our magazine (not to mention many other respected venues) a number of times in the past. Her work often explores subjects such as mythology and fairy tales, and combined with her ties to the magazine and the community at large, her previous editorial experience, and her academic pursuits, I believe she is going to do some amazing work on one of the columns that over the years has helped define Realms of Fantasy.

So to celebrate Theodora joining the magazine, we’ve provided a little treat for everyone to help you get to know our new editor a little better. On the magazine’s website you’ll find an interview with her. You can read that here

As a side note, I’d like to take this opportunity to talk a little bit about the magazine. Back when I posted our State of the Union post, discussing the magazine’s uncertain status, I had hinted at a forthcoming hire that I believed our fans would be very happy with. Obviously this is that hire. I couldn’t be more excited that Theodora will be working with us, and I honestly believe our readers will feel the same way. In that post, I also said we’re constantly working to improve the magazine. I want to assure everyone this was not an empty promise. Every day we at RoF ask ourselves how we can improve this magazine, how we can adjust to an increasingly electronic market, and what we can do that will get people excited about reading us. Since that State of the Union post went up a little over a month ago, our latest issue has come out with a new graphic designer, we’ve made the magazine available for purchase on the website as a PDF, and in Theodora Goss, I am confident we’ve provided Folkroots an editor who will live up to the high editorial standard that has been set for this column for so many years.

Saying we’d make positive changes to the magazine was easy to do, but I’m sure some people were understandably skeptical about whether we’d follow through on such promises. It’s a fair concern, but the answer is an emphatic yes. We hope the changes you’ve seen in the last month will act as some small bit of evidence that we have more planned in the magazine’s future, and that we remain committed to delivering our readers a product that will only continue to improve over time. But as I said in the State of the Union post, if you’d like to see the magazine stick around, the most important thing you can do is subscribe.

Of course, letting you know about the magazine’s status and asking you to subscribe is not enough. It is incumbent upon us, the staff at RoF, to give you the readers reasons to subscribe. We’re trying to do that all the time, and we have no intention of stopping. I also said in that post that if we stick around, we would do our best to reward your faith in us. Nothing has changed since I wrote those words. Should you choose to subscribe, we remain committed to not only making your $20.00 subscription feel like the ultimate swindle on your part, but also to keeping this magazine running for a long, long time.

But anyway, that’s enough from me. Thanks for reading this and please enjoy the interview and “The Rose in Twelve Petals.” And please, welcome Theodora to RoF!
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