Douglas Cohen (douglascohen) wrote,
Douglas Cohen

ROF: Submissions Announcement

Hi All,

I wanted to let you know that on September 1st Realms of Fantasy will be closing to fiction submissions.  This closure is part of our plan to switch over to electronic submissions.  When we reopen, RoF will begin accepting electronic submissions for both fiction and poetry.  Please note that we'll be letting the fiction p.o. box expire.  The last day it will be open is August 31st.  So if you send us a submission with a postmark of August 31st, it won't reach us.  It needs to make it to the p.o. box by no later than August 31st.  Please take this into account when submitting your work to us in August.  Also, no, I'm afraid we don't have an exact date yet for when you might expect us to open to electronic subs.  When I have more information on this front, I'll be sure to share it.  When we reopen and begin accepting electronic subs, if someone should still need to send us a snail mail submission for some reason, we will have a plan in place to accommodate you (though I imagine most of you will elect to take advantage of the electronic option).   
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