Douglas Cohen (douglascohen) wrote,
Douglas Cohen

Buying Time!

Shawna has made her latest purchases for the fiction department:

"The Transmuted Engine" by Lee Moan

"In the Realm of Legend" by Richard Parks

"Beasts" by Elizabeth Bourne

"Leviathan's Hooks" by Euan Harvey

"Long is the Shadow of the Moonlit Hills" by Euan Harvey

"This Gray Rock, Standing Tall" by James Van Pelt

"Desperate Love" by Dennis Danvers

"The War Between the Water and the Road" by William Alexander

"Bozegeest, Wereldzee Stad, and My Revenge" by Garth Upshaw

"The Pretty Knife" by Tanith Lee

Lee, Elizabeth, and WIlliam will all be appearing in the magazine for the first time, and Lee and Elizabeth represent two more slush survivors.  I'm also proud to note that with his latest two sales, Euan marks my first slush survivor to accumulate ten fiction sales to the magazine.

So with this buying run completed, it brings us one step closer to opening to electronic submissions.  But I'm afraid there is still a ways to go.  With the addition of these ten stories, our inventory in the fiction department is once again quite stocked and it will be a while before we purchase additional stories.  We also still have additional paper submissions awaiting consideration.  So for everyone dying for further news regarding our transition to electronic submissions, the next important step is for Shawna and me to conduct our final slush transfer for the paper submissions.  Barring unforeseen circumstances, this should happen about a week from now.

The process continues ...

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