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ROF: Closure Update

Hi All,

So in case you haven't seen it, the publishers have posted a closure update on RoF.  That can be found here.  I suppose anything is still possible, but barring something massively unforeseen, I think this post makes it pretty plain that RoF has reached its end.  Not that this comes as a surprise--I expected this to be the end result since I learned of the mag's impending closure back in October.  I could go into why I think things worked out this way, but I'd rather not.  With this announcement, I've now taken care of the last bits of official business I need to tend to for the magazine.  Some emails and other scattered tidbits may pop up here and there, and RoF will always be very special to me, but both my head and my heart have moved on.  I'm already knee-deep in other projects that I'm very excited about.

This said, if other worthwhile news concerning RoF should pop up in the coming months--award nominations, reprints, etc.--I'll be sure to make a mention of it around these parts.  Also, a couple of items worth mentioning now:

1) In talking with William over the weekend, I've been informed that the magazine's website will remain online indefinitely.  I think it's pretty cool that there will always be a place online that readers can go to if they'd like to revisit their RoF memories.  And for those who hang out in the forum, they can continue to do so.

2) For those who are curious, yes, I do plan to finish my RoF retrospective series.  I wrote eighty-three of the damn things after all, and after doing this many I'd like to see this project to its end (which means I have 19 retrospectives to go).  I can't say that this is high on my priority list at the moment, but I will finish them at some point or other.  William has also informed me that if I'd like to post the remaining retrospectives on the mag's website, he's fine with that.  So there will be a place you can go read them besides on my livejournal.

3) There is no longer a single RoF manuscript in my possession.  All the slush was rejected before the magazine's closure and the p.o. box was closed down a couple of months before this happened.  A small amount of automatic passes that would have been passed along to Shawna should receive some mail from me in the next couple of days.  Those who provided an SASE will receive a note officially releasing their manuscripts.  Those who provided postage for the return of their manuscripts will receive the same note, along with their manuscripts.  International folks have already received emails from me.  Everything has been logged down to the final manuscript, so if someone needs to query me they can, but like I said, I don't have any manuscripts in my possession anymore.

4) Just to reiterate what has been stated in this announcement, if you have official business with the magazine that still needs to be resolved, please address such queries to the publishers at the following email address:  My official run with the magazine is most definitely over at this juncture, and barring something highly unforeseen, that's not about to change.

All right, I think that's everything.  Onward!
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