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Writing: Sale

I'm pleased to announce that I've sold "The True Song" to Space and Time Magazine, which marks my first fiction sale of 2013.  As is my habit (and I'd imagine the habit of a lot of writers still new to sales), I always like to note whatever interesting little thing I've achieved with this sale:

1) At 3000 words, it's the shortest piece of fiction I've ever sold ...come to think of it, it's the shortest piece of fiction I've ever written!  This might be a record I never beat, as I tend to write long.

2) It's the first science fantasy piece I've sold.

3) As coincidence would have it, I've preserved my streak of having sold all my fiction to only print venues.  This makes six sales and counting.  With each successive sale, this streak becomes ever more surprising in a short story market that is becoming increasingly digital.

4) Including my anthology, I now have five pieces awaiting publication.  Umm ...that's pretty cool. :)

5) For the first time in basically forever, I have nothing out on submission.  I do have two pieces that are in various phases of revision.  One is a sword & sorcery novelette that I'm hoping will be ready to go out this week.  Still, it's a strange feeling not having anything on submission.  I mean, I sold something *today* and have pieces awaiting publication, but the fact no fiction or editorial projects are currently on submission makes me feel like a slacker! :)  
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