Douglas Cohen (douglascohen) wrote,
Douglas Cohen

Oz Reimagined: News and Reviews

All right, news first: has chosen "The Boy Detective of Oz: An Otherland Story" by Tad Williams from the Oz Reimagined anthology as part of their August Monthly Deals promotion.  So for the entire month of August, you can purchase the Kindle single version of this story for $.99.

As to the news, Oz Reimagined has been reviewed by Gardner Dozois in the August issue of Locus, and he gave the anthology a favorable review.  You can read a condensed version of the review over on the Oz Reimagined website, though I'll mention here that Gardner ranks Tad's story (i.e. the one currently on sale for $.99) as one of the best in the anthology.     
Tags: oz reimagined, reviews

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